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Cut the fat, not muscle!

Combining the tried and tested energy formula found in C4 with added ingredients designed to specifically target fat loss, C4 Ripped is the ultimate combination product designed for maximum fat loss and optimised performance.

  • Appetite Suppression
  • Explosive Energy
  • Creatine Free

The three primary factors everyone suffers from during a fat loss phase is energy, hunger and mood regulation.

Utilising key ingredients known to either counteract or support these factors, C4 Ripped is designed to make fat loss easier through the suppression of appetite, enhancing energy availability and improving mood.

Feel better, train harder and burn fat faster!


Key Ingredients

Explosive Energy Blend

Combining Tyrosine, Caffeine and Velvet Bean provides a complete approach to mood and energy synergy via the natural production of dopamine, a stimulatory release of adrenaline and the prevention of sedation via caffeine’s impact on the adenosine receptors.

This means heightened mood, a reduced appetite and increased energy without a crash.

Ripped Blend

The C4 ripped blend utilises 4 key ingredients to synergise the fat burning process, of which the up-regulation of fatty acid breakdown, transportation and burning are optimised.  Stimulating a key step in the activation process of lipolysis (fat breakdown) Coleus Forskohlii has been added, alongside tried and tested L-Carnitine, Green Coffee and Cayenne Fruit, which all help support a higher caloric burn when at rest.

Final Thoughts

C4 Ripped is a mild stimulant based fat burner designed to target all 3 phases of fat burning while simultaneously supporting mood, energy and hunger.