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Hydroflex HWPI 1.5kg

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All the benefits of a hydrolysed protein without the bitterness

Hydroflex takes the finest grass fed, hormone free whey protein isolate and combines it with ProHydrolase® enzyme to bring you an absolutely compromise free, pre-digested whey isolate that also tastes great.

Developed for those athletes looking for the fastest delivery of aminos to muscle fibres to facilitate muscle building and recovery, Hydroflex has the added bonus of being virtually lactose free. With over 87% protein and less than 1% fats and carbs, it’s also an ideal protein when dieting.

The enzyme is inactive until water is added, at this point it rapidly hydrolyses the protein, and has virtually no effect on taste. 15 minutes after ingestion, more than 60% of the WPI is hydrolysed and after 60 minutes, over 90% will be hydrolysed.

Hydroflex is perfect for those who want the most rapidly hydrolysed WPI for immediate protein synthesis (which is responsible for muscle growth) as well as those who suffer dairy related side effects such as bloating.  It is less suited as a general use protein as the benefits are only derived directly post training/exercise.