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Super Sauna Black - 30 Serve

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Grab a towel. You’re going to need it.

Beast Sports’ Super Sauna is an innovative, extreme thermogenic that triggers a healthy, feel-good sweat while also boosting your metabolism, helping melt fat fast and relieving temporary water weight.

Super Sauna’s effectiveness comes from its powerful, high-potency Thermogenic sweat compound, which includes Grains of Paradise Extract, an ingredient can help body fat be used as fuel. Coming from the ginger family, this fat-fighting spice will help get you in fat-loss mode, increasing your metabolism and putting you in thermogensis. In short, you’re going to sweat!

The innovative sweat compound in Super Sauna also includes Gamma-butyrobetaine ethyl ester HCL, which plays an important in enhancing blood flow, and Bioperine Black Pepper, a key ingredient when it comes to nutrient absorption.

We’ve also added 1 gram of L-Carnitine in Super Sauna, another ideal component of fat burning and an increased metabolism.

With added electrolytes, you will also never feel dehydrated while you enjoy the healthy, feel-good sweat Super Sauna provides.

Super Sauna is incredible versatile as well, as it contains zero caffeine and stimulants. You can use it as a pre-workout late at night or if you’re caffeine-sensitive. There’s nothing to make you feel too wired or anxious, giving you a feel-good sensation that powers you throughout the workout.

For those who are able to consume stimulants, Super Sauna also works remarkably well when it is combined with a fat-burner pre-workout like our 2 Shredded. Together, it’s the ultimate fat burning, thermogenic combo, getting you one step closer to your fat loss goals.

Within approximately 20 minutes of taking, taking one scoop of Super Sauna helps produce a healthy sweat that lasts for up to two hours.

Thermogenic weight-loss aids are designed to make you sweat. Super Sauna really does. Guaranteed.